Hojrock at mc dagarna in Västervik

Wingz back in the days with his old band NMA at Hojrock at mc dagarna in Västervik in 2004 in front of 8, 000 screaming fans.
As always wingz riffing away on his darling, Fender Stratocaster from late 80s. I think you all Glitzy people see why Wingz are the guitarist in Glitzy Glow now days ;) NewsDesk

Wingz at Hojrock

History – Live in Swedish FM Radio P3

We have started a category called History Of Glitzy Glow and we start of with some old photos from when Glitzy Glow performed live in Swedish FM Radio P3 in early 2007 with Johnny Roxxy on guitar in these days.

“I remember the Radio hostess had some trouble with our band name so we got the name Glizzy Gowl hahaha” /Roxxy

“Our bass player at the time where so nervous so when he got the question who is your favorite female singer he answered Lisa Ford instead of Lita Ford” hehe /Roxxy

Glitzy Glow Live on p3